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Paul de Schlözer’s (pretty insane) Etude Op. 1, no. 2.

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Bollani a Parla con me (by trestalarosa)

Dancing in the Dark (1953) by Art Tatum (by bluesinorbit)

I’m sorry, I’m in a heavy Art Tatum mood tonight.

Art Tatum - Limehouse Blues (by FreeTheJambon)

Art Tatum was beyond the unbelievable. He makes me want to throw the piano out of the window. Sick stuff.

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Nikolai Kapustin Jazz Pieces for Piano


Nikolai Kapustin, Variations, Op. 41

This is some seriously mind bending shit.

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Art Tatum plays Over the rainbow (1948) (by gullivior)

Art Tatum - The Art Of Jazz Piano (by MVDmusicvideo)


Lennie Tristano  You Don’t Know What Love Is (Live Copenhagen, Oct 31 1965)

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"She", Barry Harris.

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"Lush Life", Chris Anderson (piano).